YouCopia Washi Tape Organizer

washi tape organizer

I was in Michael’s the other day when I saw this Washi Tape Organizer for sale. I thought it was pretty cool but didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure if I had someplace to put it. They had two different sizes. The one you see in the photo above was the bigger one that holds 160+ rolls. They had a smaller one also that held 80+ rolls. When I saw them, they reminded me of a spice rack that my mother has in her kitchen cabinet. It’s basically the same thing – white plastic with draws that slide out and then down.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up this YouCopia Washi Tape Organizer on Amazon. It wasn’t there but guess what was? That same company’s spice rack!

youcopia spice rack

It seems that YouCopia has decided to expand their line of spice racks into washi tape organizers.

Here’s the link to the YouCopia Spice Rack on Amazon –

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