Dollar Tree Haul * Friends And Family Sale 2016

I went to The Dollar Tree for their Friends And Family Sale.

Here’s what I bought:
2017 Lisa Frank Calendar,
Follow Your Dreams 2017 Calendar,
Dollar Bills Money Sticker Sheets,
Coins Money Sticker Sheets,
Binder Pencil Pouch,
Jumbo Eraser,
Floral Washi Tape,
Animal Washi Tape,
Plaid Washi Tape,
Polka Dot Washi Tape,
Tape Dispenser,
Wrapping Paper,
Solar Dancing Tree,
Dough Play Sets,
Banana Keepers,
Sun Maid Raisins,
Louisiana Hot Sauce,
Gulden’s Mustard,
Wafer Cones,
Temptations Cat Treats,
Chopper Scraper,
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes,
Latex Gloves,
Plackers Nightguard,
Lobby Dust Pan.

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