Dollar Tree Halloween 2015 Autumn Haul And More

Dollar Tree Halloween 2015!
I went to the Dollar Tree and here’s what I bought:
Orange Jack O Lantern Candy Tote,
Black Cat Candy Tote,
Glow In The Dark Witch Face,
Brain Gelatin Mold,
Jack O Lantern Dangle Legs Door Hanger,
Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Paper Lantern,
Halloween Erasers,
Halloween Pencils,
Pumpkin Torch,
Pumpkin Candy Corn Container,
Pumpkin Party Picks,
Wiggle Monster Eyes,
Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Kit,
Gummy Rings Candy,
Sour Apple Zombie Fingers Candy,
Zombie Body Parts Gummy Candy,
Spooky Lip Pops Candy,
Halloween Pumpkin Stickers,
Black and White Striped Gloves,
Round Glass Vase Container,
Owl Stickers,
Neon Gel Pens,
Christmas Colors Polka Dot Packing Tape,
Elf Foundation Brush,
Wet N Wild Lipstick,
L.A. Colors Little Black Book Natural Chic,
Milani Power Lip Strawberry Sugar,
Wet N Wild Lipstick Hot Red,
Wet N Wild Nail Polish Lavender,
One Bite Cupcakes,
Hefty Quart Bags,
Glad Sandwich Bags.

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