Thrift Shop Halloween Costumes Haul 2015 Masks Makeup

One of the local thrift shops has a whole Halloween section of brand new Halloween merchandise. It’s such a great idea because you can buy some new stuff and mix it up with some older or used clothing on the thrift shop side and put together a truly unique costume.

Here’s what I bought:
a glitter fox mask,
a glitter unicorn mask,
a rainbow striped halter tunic to wear as the unicorn costume,
red devil horns,
a red sequinned mask,
a red ribbon face mask,
NY&Co red blouse for devil costume,
red black and white halter top,
Day Of The Dead costume,
AlterEgo Covenant Halloween makeup kit,
red cream make-up,
white cream make-up,
green and black striped witches socks,
purple and black striped witches tights,
Anne Klein witches shoes,
orange and black striped tights,
black and white striped tights,
black and white striped top maybe for a ghoul costume.

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