Trader Joe’s Haul ☤ Soft Foods For Dental Work ☤

I went to Trader Joe’s after having some dental work done to buy a bunch of soft foods so I wouldn’t mess up my new crown and later also a filling. It’s good to baby them for awhile with soft foods so they can have the maximum amount of time to set properly.

Here’s what I bought:
a dozen eggs,
a bunch of bananas,
a bag of sweet potatoes,
a jar of apple sauce,
a bag of small whole green lentils,
a can of organic baked beans,
a bag of Southern greens blend,
a bag of frozen organic peas,
a can of skipjack tuna (this was filmed before my Costco haul),
a quart of organic carrot juice,
a quart of fresh squeezed orange juice,
organic plain whole milk yogurt,
Hatch Valley green salsa,
a can of Joe’s O’s pasta,
a bag of lemons,
a bottle of ketchup,
a can of refried pinto beans,
a can of organic pinto beans,
free range chicken broth,
carrot ginger soup.

And then the battery ran out. Sorry for the abrupt ending.

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