Dollar Tree Haul ✂ Groceries, ☀ Summer Toys, ☺ Stickers, ✉ Gift Stuff

Sharing my Dollar Tree Haul. Lots of stuff!

Soft Pretzels,
Frozen Asparagus,
Dried Pinto Beans,
Black Beans,
Pickled Jalapenos,
Chopped Pecans,
Dried Apricots,
Sand Toys – Sifter and Molds,
Inflatable Beach Ball,
Swim Mask,
Bug Catching Kit,
Sesame Street Books,
Robot Stickers,
Spring Stickers Rainbows Bugs Butterflies Flowers,
Glitter Monkey Stickers,
Hippie Stickers,
Fox Stickers,
Colorful Decorative Washi Kind of Tape,
Glitter Thank You Cards,
Mother’s Day Cards,
Wacky Packages (wacky paks),
Wrapping Paper,
Gift Tissue.

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