Dollar Tree Haul ✿ Easter Spring ✿ 2015

HUGE Dollar Tree Haul. Lot’s of CUTE Easter stuff!

Easter Cards,
Gummy Bunnies Candy,
Hopping Chick Toy,
Double Crisp Chocolate Bunny,
Easter Basket Grass,
Jelly Bean Candy Container,
Sour Marshmallows,
Carrot Bubbles,
Decorated Lolli-Rings Candy,
Easter Eggs,
Bunny Ears,
Gingham Ribbon,
Spring Duct Tape,
Basket Bags,
Candy Quax Yummy Ducky,
Hair Scrunchies,
Spiral Art Toy,
Reward Stickers,
Black Olives Placemats,
Black Olives Dish Towels,
Handheld Grater,
Coca-Cola Can Glass,
Rice Cakes,
Furniture Wipes,
Toilet Bowl Cleaner,
Light Bulbs,
Foil Pans,
Assorted Plastic Tubs.

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